Ball Lightning Energy

Posted on: 6/9/2023 Last Updated: 6/9/2023
Really odd observation from a beam splitter experiment
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Ball Lightning/Energy

I have completely lost track of how many variations of the famous Double Slit Experiment I have done over the years. I hope to share some of the really neat ones I was able to create, but todays topic is a really odd one that I wasn't expecting.

I was trying to create a beam splitter using the beveled edge of my table to see if I could re-create a state of "uncertainty or entanglement" if the photon would pass through the glass or not.

I was able to produce these odd little spheres of what appear to be little "Quanta" of light or ball energy of sorts. I was really struggling to think of a way to measure what I was seeing and could literally take a picture of it with the camera on my phone. No fancy equipment was needed here or any fancy lasers either, but a standard red dot off a sight.

There are some articles out there trying to describe the phenomenon "Mystery Ball Lightning". You can have a read and see if mine matches up with those reporting's or not.

With that being said, this is what lead me to the wave function (equation) you see on my homepage where I am trying to create a wave function that can produce these types of balls of wave energy or something. PS. I will post an Article on how that wave function works and you could play with it in Desmos as well. I have some more, so wanted to make a series on them.

Ball Energy 1 Ball Energy 2

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