Halo Spheres

Posted on: 6/9/2023 Last Updated: 6/9/2023
Cool experiments with light, matter and energy! No batteries required!
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Halo Spheres

I made myself some "Halo Spheres" to try to understand how entangled particles "may" behave with different vectors of rotation and "quantum spin".

I have always been fascinated with how this experiment works, no batteries, electricity, magnets or anything. It simply involves making 2 steel balls spin as one, just like how a figure skater tucks and spins, same concept and extreme rotational velocities.

I have piles of different types of experiments I have done with these including parabolic resonance frequencies (concave vs convex) as well as different light sources (UV) and hitting them with lasers as well (with proper eye protection of course!!).

This one is just a straight up experiment with trying to produce a stable spin pattern, but also found that there is beauty in chaos as well.

Halo Spheres 1 Halo Spheres 2 Halo Spheres 3 Halo Spheres 4 Halo Spheres 5

Hope you enjoy!

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